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An evil presence has emerged in the kingdom… but is it you or is it them? Play as a fallen king and somewhat immortal slime to conquer an onslaught of obstacles and puzzles in a quest to reclaim your fallen kingdoms. Smooth and simple controls for the ultimate experience in 2D precision platforming!

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Can you master a vibrant and diverse domain to reclaim your title as The True Slime King? Slide, jump, stick, and splat your way through this challenging platformer in the ultimate test of mind and dexterity. With a focus on tight controls and lovingly crafted levels, you’ll constantly find yourself pushing the edge of what you thought was possible. And don't worry, though death lurks around every corner, you'll respawn fast to learn from your mistakes. Rediscover the mastery within yourself to once again prove you are the rightful king.

  • Simple and tight controls (left, right, jump) with immense depth to master. You’ll wish every platformer felt this good to play.
  • Explore a beautifully hand-crafted Story Mode with a vast overworld and 135 diverse puzzle-filled levels, building up to unforgettable boss battles. Plenty of hard-to-reach bonus goo and hidden items to help increase your death count (just in case you felt like you weren't dying enough).
  • Get creative with the in-game level editor and community level exchange! Show off your level crafting skills to the world, or simply race for the fastest times on the other people’s levels.
  • 1.5 hours of jammin’ soundtrack music built to match the vibrant pixel art world.